1 simple trick to burn fat

2 min readAug 12, 2023

I was out shopping for a smartwatch yesterday and unfortunately the Finnish brand that I had my eye on (Suunto) was double the price of what it is state side. I’m gallivanting as a digital nomad in Eastern Europe at the moment :)


According to the technical director at my company, Apple’s watch is best of breed. He knows his stuff. I don’t know if I will get an Apple watch however. I wanted the Suunto!

I digress. The reason I was out looking for a smartwatch is that it’s my favorite way to track steps and burn fat. I’ve dropped tons of fat just by walking around and tracking my steps.

At one point, my trusted Volvo S60 broke down after years of reliable service and I threw it in the junk so to speak.

It was winter in Canada, I wasn’t in the mood to purchase a new car and lived right near a metro. I started walking to the metro, walking to the gym, walking around with bags of groceries, walking to the bar, walking walking walking.

Ok this is funny but it was the middle of the winter and I had a slick grey trenchcoat and a black duffle bag with my gym gear on me at all times. It was cold and I’m used to driving a car so something looked off with the way I was prancing about.

My neighbor thought I was a hitman for a minute on my way to my next job. Little did he know, I was out slaying fat!

I actually have an old photo with a six pack during that period. I can be vain so I’ll save my gym photos for future posts…

So, this is not rocket science, but I guarantee if you get in 10K to 20K steps on a daily basis on top of any other physical activity that you do, you will burn more fat.

If you aren’t already walking around, try 15K steps for 15 days. there is a pretty high probability that you will notice a debit on the weight scale (no other changes required).

Simple ain’t it? I believe in babysteps that are sustainable and long term results.