3 ways I hacked a treadmill to do a MetCon workout

2 min readAug 5, 2023

First off, shout out to Technogym! Their treadmills are wicked! Italian engineering for the win… Technogym treadmills are awesome but they have one flaw, the software/WiFi is laggy but I’ll deal with that.

Not complaining. Hell, I was in the middle of my workout and pressed STOP by mistake and had to recalculate distance in my head. I guess I have flaws too…

The library of workouts, access to Youtube, Netflix, bluetooth connectivity plus plus plus. What an amazing device!

Let’s get into the meat of this article. Treadmills!

MetCon is simply metabolic conditioning. Combining cardiovascular training with strength training. Something like Crossfit.

Speaking of Crossfit, I took on their 5k community challenge organized for the 2023 Crossfit games.

I am proud to report that I recorded a PR today! On a Technogym treadmill…

Here are 3 ways I use a treadmill to do a MetCon workout:

1 — Leave the mathematics to the computer. My goal is to run a 5k in under 20 minutes. When I’m on a treadmill, I make sure that my km/hour pace doesn’t go below a certain level. Great way to ensure a good cardio workout and record incremental progress!

2 — Try hill training on a treadmill. I dare you to set the incline to 18.0 and try a 6.0 km/hour pace for 3 minutes. This is fantastic for the glutes and no one can argue that this won’t build strength! This could qualify as a subsitute for squats IMO done properly in regards to overall leg conditioning. If you are feeling adventurous, you can try sprints and up the ante!

3 — Have fun! I leave my iPhone in my locker and bring my bluetooth headset and listen to my favorite tracks on Youtube :) This is a much needed mental hack for me as like most people I’m addicted to my phone. No emails. No IG. I personally like bass boosted car music when I’m running. Don’t ask…

Ok the last one is not necessarily a hack but I need to have fun to stay motivated…

I didn’t want to get too scientific today. My MetCon workouts will get more complex…

I’ll keep this one short and sweet!

Try treadmill training!