Notes from a yoga guru

2 min readAug 22, 2023


I recently took up a yoga practice.

Yoga guru

My instructor is a bonafide yoga guru in the ex-Soviet country that I’m prancing around in currently as a digital nomad.

I decided to do one on one sessions with the best of the best.

Why not try different things?

This guy has studied both ancient Greek and Indian philosophy at an expert level.

One thing that he underlined which stands out about Indian philosophy is mind control.

I have ancestral roots in South Asia so this stuff actually fascinates me!

Mental fortitude definately has a positive correlation to success.

Let’s preface this by saying this sets the stage for MetCon and is really an exploration in regards to finding the right formula for a hybrid style of training.

The idea is to essentially combine multiple disciplines for maximum output.

The first area of practice and goal here is primarily physical.

From a pure physical standpoint, the guru outlined that this is a triangle…

Mastery of:

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • cardiovascular health

As defined by the guru, the foundation to everything in this triangle is controlling your mind by performing meditative routines.

Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of guy that can sit at home with my legs crossed over and reach a meditative state. I also suck at yoga. I am however interested in mastering my own mind and achieving elite fitness :)

What if one could attain mastery in mind control and achieve a real zen state by practicing an ancient meditative art?

This might actually work 😈